Sunday, April 3, 2011

The weight of the matter...

I know that it is not “cool” to admit – but I really love watching the Biggest Loser. Years ago, when my darling son (DS) was a baby, I used to sit on a static bike each night watching BL (after eating an ENORMOUS dinner) and ride slowly so that I didn’t get too puffed and miss something. Now that I have for the most part, got my exercise and eating priorities sorted, I record it (it is usually on during our kids bed time) and watch it later that night.
My husband simply cannot understand it. And I have tried to work out what it is for me that is so compelling. Like a lot of the losers, I was once fat and unfit, having previously been very athletic. So I do like to see the transformations, to see the positive shine through from the depression and negativity that had existed and of course to see that the losers are only human and have set backs and breakdowns just like those of us not inside the fitness fishbowl.
I think it is great that BL’s kids will be exposed to a healthier lifestyle once they get home, and that will hopefully realise that sometimes foods are certainly not everyday foods , that takeaway is not normal eating and that vegetables and fruit are essential to all bodies. I am reminded of these behaviours not being a part of a lot of peoples every day when I attend a weight-loss group, now to support a friend, but previously for myself. There are so many women (and sometimes a man or two) who need to be reminded that what you put in needs to be less than what you put out if you want to lose weight. And that the quality of what you put into your body makes a huge difference to your physical and mental well being. I know that I simply could not get up to test my daughters blood during the night, exercise, look after the kids, work part time and keep the house in some sense of order if I had not lost weight and starting looking after myself.
Back to the Biggest Loser, of course, what they are doing is completely unrealistic... they get sad when they lose “only 2 or 3kg” and sob when they lose 1kg. Recently one loser was reprimanded for eating 2 pieces of bread (instead of the one that was allocated in his diet) and this week one of the trainers was excited that one of his team had immunity as it meant that they would actually be able to eat more carbs and protein, which would help their body recover and mean they would be stronger and better able to lose weight in the lead up to the finale. So as I write this, I am reminded why I should not like the show and why it is such a bad example of diet and lifestyle for those who want and need to lose significant amounts of weight.
But I am still planning to watch it tonight...


  1. Nice piece Jac, so happy to hear your wise words.

  2. Thanks Shell. Not so sure about wise - but I certainly do love words!